SCI Superstar: Jordan Bone

Beauty comes in many forms and Jordan Bone, a C6 quad from Norfolk, UK, may be one of the best examples of this age old adage. Injured 10 years ago in a freak car accident when she was just 15, Jordan has gone on to become one of YouTube’s rising makeup vloggers, and 2014 has been her year.

From being honored by the UK’s Prime Minister for her tireless work in road safety to being interviewed by some of UK’s top makeup artists, Jordan’s fame is skyrocketing. A popular motivational speaker for the Fixers organization as well, who knows what the future holds for this dynamic lady.

To see how a woman can pull herself out of depression with just a camera, high quality makeup and an eager audience, read on for the awesome story of Jordan Bone. Read this entry

Paralyzed UK Beauty Blogger Jordan Bone

Makeup, fashion, fake tans and being all-around fabulous is the M.O. of 23 year old beauty blogger, Jordan Bone, paralyzed in 2005 in a car accident. Her whole life changed when she accepted a ride from a boy she barely knew (who crashed his car with her still in it).

The thing about Jordan however – she’s refused to let it diminish her love of all things beauty-related. Read this entry