Amazing Wheelchair Accessible Homes

Wheelchair or walking, we all want that “dream” house. Maybe it’s not pink with turrets or a giant brick castle like the homes we dreamt of having one day as kids, but they’re still there; a twinkle in our mind’s eye, a bit modified of course now that you gotta use a wheelchair.

No longer do we want a bowling alley or a house with multi-levels. Or maybe you do, and you just want an elevator (or a bunch of really cool artfully placed ramps). But the point is – the ‘dream’ house is certainly a bit different when you use a wheelchair. There’s no question about it.

But oh my can wheelchair accessible homes still be quite beautiful. Read on for three cool videos that show how gorgeous these homes can be, from a draft of a sweet contemporary studio that’s totally accessible to a lake home renovation that’ll make you drool. Read this entry