SCI Superstar: Santina Muha

Every little girl dreams of growing up to be someone special, and for Santina Muha, she was no different. But when she became paralyzed at the age of 5 in a car accident, this New Jersey girl had to take on life as a wheelchair-user.
Santina Muha however hasn’t been phased by her wheelchair one bit. A writer, actress, comic, host, public speaker and diversity in media consultant, learn all about the fabulous Santina Muha below. Read this entry

10/4/10: No Free Rides, episode #69 – Ms. Wheelchair America 2011

Ooooh-wee. I’m excited about this one. In episode #69 of our podcast No Free Rides, I interview the brand new Ms. Wheelchair America 2011 Alexandra McArthur. You will be enamoured with this effervescent 22 year from from North Carolina, who’s new to using a wheelchair.