SCI Superstar: Michael Johnson

The only paralyzed driver to be sanctioned to drive in the IndyCar series, Michael Johnson at 20 years old is one of the most interesting and soon-to-be famous race car drivers in the world.

He’s actually almost there, and if the wins the Indy 500 (his ultimate goal), or gets close, you watch – his name will become as household as Danica Patrick.  If you’ve ever wanted to gaze at someone with undying strength, read on, because you can’t get any stronger than Michael Johnson. Read this entry

Paralyzed speed racers hitting the big time

Claustrophobic in your own body, that’s how being paralyzed can feel (at least from my experience) AND going real fast is one of the best ways to show this feeling the door.

But you don’t have to bother telling Michael Johnson and Matt Speakman, two men with paraplegia and the only two in the world with a spinal cord injury
racing at a professional level. Yep, they’re definitely the ‘big-timers.’

Michael is a 20 year old T6 paraplegic racing in the USF2000 series (with dreams of making it to the Indy 500) in an open cockpit formula car, meanwhile Matt Speakman is a 46 year old from Australia, also a paralegic, who’s become the first person with a SCI to be on the pro Porche racing circuit. Read the rest of this entry

9/26/12: Paralyzed race car driver ready to begin dating

Hey Tiffiny,

I was injured on August 13, 2005 racing motorcycles in Canada by braking my back. I was only 12 at the time. That was a huge change in my life with being paralyzed after. Up till I was injured, I had 14 national championships. I was having the time of my life! In 2007 I was cleared to start racing again which was very good!

By 2009 I had won another 3 championships racing go karts. In 2009 I started racing cars (kinda look like an IndyCar). In 2011 I was third in the Championship running with the best drivers in the U.S coming up the latter. This year is my first year running on a pro level racing cars. Its amazing! In a few years, hopefully I be racing IndyCar! I love what I do!