SCI Superstar: Bethany Hoppe

Bethany Hoppe of Nashville, aka the “Rolling Diva,” wears so many hats she could open her own hat shop. A dancer, voice-over artist, college instructor, author, advocate, wheelchair athlete, public speaker, wife and mother, in spite of her disability Bethany has been unstoppable in the game called life.

Her journey however into becoming the fierce woman she is today began in an unassuming place – a simple dairy farm. Once old enough, Bethany left home, setting forth on a path that even most able-bodied people wouldn’t be able to keep up with.

One of the most vocal advocates out there for women with disabilities, and an artist at the very core of who she is, this is the amazing Bethany Hoppe. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Steve Laux

A Michigan boy who now lives in Minnesota, Steve Laux has by all accounts lived an average life, but not so fast. Voted the Best Dad on Wheels by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in 2012, Steve’s determination to live an “average” life post-injury has gotten him in the national spotlight. Read this entry

Parenting rockstars on wheels

Watch a quadriplegic paint his daughter’s toenails with mouth! (don’t worry he’s a mouth painter, so he knows what he’s doing).

Also, see how a paraplegic picks up her 10 month old from her chair, watch UK disabled actress Kelly-Marie Stewart talk about “invisible mums” (including her).

And you gotta meet Steve Laux, quadriplegic & winner of the Reeve Foundation’s Best Dad on Wheels for 2012! Read this entry