SCI Superstar: Peter Soby Jr.

One look at Peter Soby, a 47 year old C5-6 quad, and you can just tell he is someone special. Forget the wheelchair; you feel it the moment you look at him. A writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and motivational speaker rolled into one, he has done it all since graduating from college with his degree in speech communications.

And he hasn’t let his spinal cord injury prevent him from tackling this very image-conscious world. His whirlwind story may include a spinal cord injury but he’s followed his creative drive. For a taste of this life adventurer living in sunny California, read on for the unforgettable story of Peter Soby. Read more

Podcast #86: Peter Soby, a quadriplegic producer in Hollywood

In episode #86 of podcast No Free Rides, we’re joined by Peter Soby, a quadriplegic writer, director and film producer from L.A.

With a face that’s easy on the eyes and a creative force that can’t be ignored, Peter has paved his own niche in Holllywood.