Quadriplegic Animator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

drewwarnerDrew Bates, one of the only …if not the best quadriplegic animator/voice-over actor in the world needs your help.  That’s right – he is launching a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign for his REDNECK NINJAS comic/cartoon.

I have been a fan of REDNECK NINJAS for years, and Drew deserves the chance to create the hysterical shorts I know he has in him. If he meets his $30k Kickstarter goal, his plan is to create three new 60 second animated shorts for his YouTube channel, and if they’re anything like this one, you know they’ll be good.

So donate! I mean how can you not?! Have you seen Drew’s cute mug? =) Pledge here.

And remember, it’s rurally powerful, Kung-fu cool!

– Pledge today! REDNECK NINJAS on Kickstarter

– His official site: Drew Bates, the quadriplegic animator

– My podcast interview w/ Drew Bates: Drew Bates: Voice-over actor, storyteller, aims high – June, 2011

SCI Superstar: Drew Bates

For Drew Bates, his injury has been all about turning lemons into sweet, sweet lemonade, and it’s looking pretty tasty from here. A trained actor by trade, after his injury Drew created a unique offshoot for his talents, knowing he wouldn’t get as much screen time and roles as a chair-user; a sad but true fact of the industry.

What he ended up specializing in is truly exciting – animation and voice-over acting, and he’s developed a very cool animation series that Cartoon Network and MTV have shown interest in. Read on to learn all about Drew Bates, a hardworking Southern boy who’s an expert at reinventing his talents. Read this entry

Pledge, help make “Redneck Ninjas” a reality

Out of all the interesting people I’ve met online, Drew Bates is one of my favorites. A quadriplegic (C5, injured on a road trip in 2007), I adore this mouthy Southern boy for multiple reasons: 1) He makes me laugh (hard), 2) He’s foine (vs. fine), AND 3) He’s creative, like professionally creative. He is a voice-over actor and writer, with a super exciting project in the works. But he needs your help!  
His creation, Redneck Ninjas (think Blue Collar Comedy Tour, animated, and featuring a wacky family instead of whiny men), is an idea he’d LOVE to make into a 60-second short.
To make it happen: Help Drew raise $10,000 by September 30th, 2010. If he meets his goal, he will use the money to pay Powerhouse Animation (animation studio) in Austin, Texas, who will – using traditional 2D animation and Adobe Flash animation – bring to life Drew’s already written and produced 60 second short for Redneck Ninjas.
And have no doubt, IT WILL BE AWESOME. I don’t know about you, but it would be fucking cool to know a quad is behind an Adult Swim program one day. Just sayin’. 
Pledge and see Drew’s intro video here! Good luck Drew! 


Read more about Redneck Ninjas and it’s awesome characters on Drew’s official site here.