SCI Superstar: Chelsea Rae Huggins

A woman of remarkable beauty, Chelsea Rae Huggins is the ultimate meaning of keep on keeping on. Once a rising makeup artist who went on to transform her love of painting faces into painting on the canvas, she truly understands the importance of beauty.

There’s power in beauty and in art, and the art Chelsea Rae (also known as SPINALpedia member raehuggins) has created has garnered her a huge following on Facebook. Her purpose in life is without question to help share beauty with the world.

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3 Amazing Wheelchair-User Weight Loss Stories

It’s not very often you hear someone in a wheelchair say, “Oh it was easy to lose that weight.” Usually it’s the exact opposite. We’re not moving as much, we’re not doing a lot of stuff, which means we’re not burning as many calories.

For us, losing weight is a uphill battle. However like all things in life, there are those who totally prove this wrong.

From a mother and wife from Georgia who wanted to become the sexy wheelchair wife for her husband to a newly injured paraplegic who used his injury as a catalyst to lose weight, here are three amazing weight loss stories from people who use wheelchairs.

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SCI Superstar: Monica Quimby

Monica Quimby may be one of the most interesting women with spinal cord injuries to come along in the last six years. A college biology professor and a Paralympic athlete in-training, yes Monica is a go-getter, and she does it all with great hair (how does she do that?).

Not surprisingly, Monica also possesses one of those no fear attitudes everybody loves. A couple of years ago she even bungee jumped in her wheelchair and just recently she packed up and moved from Maine to somewhere much warmer; something that is never easy to do in a chair.

A woman armed to the hilt in courage, this is the awesome story of Monica Quimby. Read this entry