The Sochi Winter Olympics haven’t even begun yet and there’s already drama to behold. From not being able to flush toilet paper down the toilets to possible bombs hiding out in the toothpaste tubes, the Olympics are definitely going to be interesting.

This is especially true when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. A country not known as being a bastion for disability friendliness, Russia made sure to amp it up big time to meet the standards of “first world” accessibility. They’ve made a lot of awesome changes in Sochi, and they’ve incorporated people with disabilities into every area of Olympics planning.

Check out three videos below showing how Sochi has gotten ready for wheelchair-users, including wheelchair performers in the opening ceremonies. Read this entry

Wheelchair Curling: Inexpensive Universal Fun

If you love hanging out in freezing ice arenas and are a sucker for competition at a very precise level, you can’t get any better than wheelchair curling. When it comes to adapted sports, this is one of the most inexpensive ones you can play. You don’t need a special chair, which is awesome. All you need is a modified stick, a stone, a few willing partners and some ice time.

And with the Sochi Winter Paralympics about to arrive (63 days away!), the wheelchair curlers of the world are gearing up. Canada remains one of the most prolific wheelchair curling teams in the mix, however the Russians aren’t too shabby either. And all levels of ability can play; from quads to paras, and both females and males are on each team.

If you have no idea how wheelchair curling is played and finally want to be enlightened on this insanely popular sport, check out our three videos. Read more

SCI Superstar: Alana Nichols

If you don’t know who Alana Nichols is, you soon will. A Paralympic athlete and the first American woman to win Paralympic medals in both the Summer and Winter Paralympics, she’s ramping up to make a big powdery splash downhill skiing at the Sochi Winter Olympics this February.

Being an athlete on the court or the slopes is only half of what she does. Alana is also a motivational speaker and a two-time ESPY Award winner, speaking on the importance of adapted athletics across the country. A born and bred athlete, learn more about Alana Nichols, an amazing woman destined for even more Paralympic glory. Read this entry