A Lighthearted Look at the Wheelchair Stare Down

In the animal kingdom when you stare at a creature for too long, either one of two things happen – you get the crap beat out of you or whatever you’re staring at may think you’re interested. What about when you use a wheelchair?

We get stared at all the time and we’re expected to well, not think anything. Not get mad, and definitely not take it as a come on. Some wheelers hate this double standard, however many don’t care at all if they’re stared at. They are the lighthearted ones.

How do you deal with stares? Check out a few videos we’ve uncovered profiling three people with disabilities who let stares roll right off their backs. Read this entry

Never Easy: How Do You Ask for Help?

It can be a lesson in maturity learning how to be ok asking for help. Truly ok; not the kind kind where you can’t look them in the eye when you ask. In our culture, it can be seen as a sign of weakness, and when you sustain a spinal cord injury, it’s hard to overcome this is a big way.

But even the walkers (not the zombie walkers) of the world eventually need help. Say you were moving a piano, you would need help. We come out of the womb needing help; it’s just a fact of life, and people with spinal cord injuries can become experts at it.

From a sassy school teacher who has no problem asking for help (and giving it too) to a few guesses as to why the jerks of the world don’t like helping is, here are three videos showing that asking for help should be the last of your worries in life. Read this entry