Adaptive Kayaking: Creating an Equal “Paddle Field” for All

Next up in SPINALpedia’s Summer Adaptive Sport Series – adaptive kayaking! A great sport for both quadriplegics and paraplegics, this paddle sport has been around awhile and for good reason. With the basic adapted equipment that’s required, almost anyone can kayak! See exactly how you can partake in this fun water sport here.

SPINALpedia Back to School Video Challenge!


Want to earn some back to school cash?, a social mentoring network and video archive, wants to assist those with spinal cord injuries going back to school and we need your help.

If you have the ability to create a video (your cell phone is just fine) and have advice to give on the topic of going to school with a spinal cord injury, we’d love to hear from you!

Anything you would like to share ranging from how you take notes in class and what accommodations you request and/or receive to how you make it to and from school and what’s it like living on a college campus and/or dorm room, to even what software programs and technology you use, you can share any and all school-related advice.

Winners will be announced next Friday and the deadline is Sept. 16th! First place wins $100, Second place wins $50 & Third place wins $25.

To submit your video: Please upload it to YouTube and send us the link of your fabulous video either to or via our Facebook page.

All videos will be judged on the following criteria. In no particular order:

– How engaging is the person in the video/ability to connect with the audience?

– Is the video easy to view (lighting)?

– If explaining a task, is it given in clear step-by-step instructions?

– Is the video easy to follow?

– How clear is the audio?

– Is the picture clear and steady?

– How creative is the video?

Good Luck! And remember, everything we do is to help those with new injuries. Join our mission –

Dating, and finding it’s possible

Fear is the number one feeling most of us feel when it comes to dating. And it’s especially no surprise that lots of people in wheelchairs are afraid to date. We can be afraid; afraid of rejection, explaining our disability, of being seen as a burden.

And then we just don’t even try to date. Don’t let that happen to you!  A wheelchair may make it trickier to find someone, but it’s never a roadblock. Just watch these three videos below about people’s positive dating with a disability experiences.

The first video is all about finding out the world is better than you thought. It features a beautiful Latina woman who was injured when she was just 11 years old. At the time of her injury, she of course wasn’t worried about boys or what her prospects in dating might lead to.

That kind of stuff wasn’t on her radar yet. But now, she’s a strong young woman who’s been dating, and she’s discovered some important things about dating from a wheelchair. Read this entry

Back-to-school fierceness

It’s back to school time, people, and that means wheelchair-users everywhere are rolling into classrooms (and pushing desks out of their way).

Oh man, I remember my first day of college orientation as a quad. Talk about the Scariest. Day. Ever. But I soon found out, just like these wise people below, I was freaking out over nothing and realized after a few short months that college was going to be more than ok (and utterly awesome in fact).

The first video is of Carrie, a quadriplegic (injured in 2003). She shares what it was like to go back to college at Depaul university.

In her video (created by, she touches on how surprisingly easy it was to get her professors to accommodate her disability, and how great it felt to live on campus, in the city and far far away from her parents’ home. Read this entry

Wheelchair-users on trampolines!

Walking and jumping; two things I thought I’d never do again until a cure came around. Turns out I jumped the gun a early on the jumping part.

Wheelchairs and trampolines…never in a million years would I have thought these two worlds would, or could, collide.

The first video comes from a really cool paraplegic from California, Andrew Angulo, who makes videos showing how he does nearly everything, and in this 5 minute video showing how he ‘jumps’ on a trampoline will certainly get your brain churning.

I never thought a paraplegic could do what he does, and then I saw his trampoline video and was schooled. Read this entry