SCI Superstar: Claes Hulting

Considered by many as the Christopher Reeve of Sweden, Claes Hulting since his injury has dedicated his life to promoting enhanced rehabilitation and research of spinal cord injuries. And what he’s created, Spinalis, a cutting edge rehab facility in Sweden, is admired around the globe.

Being the founder of an amazing foundation is just one thing Claes is known for too. He’s also a physician (he worked as an anesthesiologist before his injury) and is in the history books for being the first person with a spinal cord injury to have a child via in-vitro fertilization (a son who’s now turning 18!).

To learn more about a man who can be credited for helping thousands of people with spinal cord injuries live healthier and fuller lives, this is the story of Claes hulting. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Marc de Hond

The “Ryan Seacrest” of Amsterdam, Marc de Hond is a well known TV personality and presenter who started out his media career as a DJ, but he wasn’t always paralyzed. A tumor on his spinal cord had different plans, and it changed his entire life when he was 25 years old.

But what’s glorious is how Marc threw himself back into life after rehab, especially since his rehabilitation stay was longer than most due to his incomplete injury, and he soon realized his wheelchair was a better form of transportation vs. desperately trying to walk, and it was in this moment he reclaimed his life.

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