SCI Superstar: Wendy Crawford

When you look at Wendy Crawford, what do you see? A woman in a wheelchair, or something more? A former fashion model turned founder and editor of, Wendy has been hugely determined to change the way the media sees women with disabilities since her injury.

Above all, Wendy has refused to accept the status quo and her story is something everyone with a spinal cord injury should know. Read on to see how Wendy Crawford has fashioned herself an incredible journey in spite of a spinal cord injury. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Ashley Lauren Fisher

Restaurateur, philanthropist, English Bulldog lover, ex-model, up-and-coming playwright, these are just a few of the titles used to describe Jersey girl Ashley Lauren Fisher, one of the most dynamic C4-5 quadriplegics you’ll ever meet.

What I love about Ashley Lauren is that she isn’t that widely known in the spinal cord injury community, yet she’s one of the most beautiful and hardworking people with a SCI in the country.

When she broke her neck diving into a wave at the Jersey Shore at age 23, her whole life changed, and pre-injury she had A LOT going on. Read this entry