SCI Superstar: Robert Thompkins

There is a beautiful thing happening in San, Diego California right now and it’s not the beaches or the beautiful weather. It’s the good vibes Robert Thompkins is putting out, a paraplegic chairskater who’s sharing his passion for his emerging sport in an amazing way. Read this entry

The “Best of the Best” WCMX Videos

We’ve talked about the emerging sport of WCMX before. It’s hard not to profile these awesome videos. Whether you’re watching these fearless wheelchair-users throw themselves down steep ramps or precariously balance themselves on a stair rail (yes they do this), this sport is beyond entertaining.  It’s so cool you can’t take your eyes away.

So to celebrate our obsession with this new wheelchair sport, we’ve decided to profile three of the most impressive WCMX videos out there, and we found some good ones you surely will forgot for a very long time.

From an epic handrail contest to a throwdown, read this entry

SCI Superstar: Shaun Doss

Whether he is at the skate park, on the court or out on the ice rink, Shaun Doss is at home. Injured before he was 5 years old, this little youngster has big plans to become the next big thing in the wheelchair sports world and he’s already got a great head start.

And don’t let his plans for the future fool you – he is still interested in walking again – and he has undergone procedures throughout the last handful of years to make this a reality; a great combination of looking ahead yet living for today that many see hard to strike a balance with.

But not Shaun! Read this entry

Best of Overseas Wheelchair Tricks

It’s not every day you see someone in a wheelchair rolling down a staircase or spinning on their back wheels as they make their way down a hall, but these skills…oh they exist, and a lot of them come from overseas.

No doubt a product of their environment, people who use manual wheelchairs and live in countries with less-than accessibility have to get creative. No one likes being stuck, and boy do these folks know what to do.

Whether they’re flying over stairs or using monkey-bars in the park, chances are you’ll be in awe. Read this entry