SCI Superstar: Shannon Chisholm

Bodybuilding is a sport that celebrates the human body, which is why so many SCIers are drawn to it (we love making what we still got as awesome as possible). But for Shannon Chisholm, she was in love with bodybuilding long before her injury.

Her journey into bodybuilding began over 10 years ago when she decided to change her lifestyle after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The bodybuilding and healthy diet worked, and she was a successful amateur bodybuilder for several years. But her world changed nearly 2 years ago while riding her bicycle to the gym one morning.

Read on for the awesome story of a full-time mother, wife to a high school sweetheart and one of the best paralyzed bodybuilders currently competing,  Shannon Chisholm. Read this entry

Podcast 97: Neil Picone – wheelchair bodybuilder

In podcast 97, Neil Picone, an IFBB Pro wheelchair bodybuilder from New Jersey is on the show (he was paralyzed 6 years ago in a motorbike crash), and boy is he awesome. With an upper body that is better than most guys and a sweetheart to boot, this relatively new bodybuilder has an amazing story.

In this episode, Tiffiny and Neil discuss everything from dating and how he gets a lot of stares to his training regimen (and diet) and his plans for 2013. If you’ve ever wanted to sneak a peek inside the world of wheelchair bodybuilding, then this is your chance.

Listen below. Run time is 50 minutes.

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