Never Before Seen Wheelchair Elevators

ference to our lives, transforming us from dependent into independent individuals and it’s been a beautiful thing to witness.

Elevators too have come a mighty long way since they were invented in the late 1800s. They’ve especially become cooler since the dawn of the Computer age, especially when you throw in a healthy dose of American ingenuity. They’ve been so fabulous in fact we had to write this post.

Read on for three unforgettable videos showcasing elevators made specifically for wheelchair-users. Read this entry

Awesomely Homemade: Wheelchair Lift, Standing Frame and more

Let’s face it – being paralyzed is expensive.  But with a little know how and elbow grease, one area where you can save is on expensive (eh-hem overpriced) disability equipment.  I’m talking about standing frames, 4×4 chairs, even in-home wheelchair lifts.

All of these things can be built at home with the right instructions and a little help. Read on to see four awesome how-to’s on creating badly needed disability equipment. Remember, if you try, please do so at your own risk. Read this entry