SCI Superstar: Jessica Kruger

At only 21 years old, Jessica Kruger from Vancouver, Canada has already put a huge dent in her mission to change the way the world perceives beauty. Last year she put her hat in the ring for a nationwide modeling contest in Canada sponsored by Lise Watier, and she totally won.

Since winning, this college student and quad rugby player has been all over the news sharing her story and spreading the message that beauty can come in all forms.

Get ready to be inspired by a woman dedicated to a higher mission that, as always, can be helped by a dress and a pair of Steve Madden heels. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Briana Walker

Model, hip-hop dancer, motivational speaker and author, Briana Walker is a bright and fun California girl who did something amazing – she got head deep in the world of modeling only a year after her injury.

When she was 23, her entire world changed after she fainted while behind the wheel (becoming a T11-12 paraplegic as a result), but within a year she had found her niche in disabled modeling, and made the cover of Mobility Management Magazine.

And Briana has gone on to much bigger modeling gigs since. Whether you know her from the commercials, seen her dance at the Abilities Expo or maybe she came to your school to speak, here’s the back story on Briana Walker, the fierce platinum blonde who’s trademark attitude – enduring till the end – has made her beloved by people all around the globe. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Shannon Murray

Some might say it’s ridiculous to think you could ever become a successful model if you have a disability.

Definitely not true. Shannon Murray, a professional model and actress from the UK, didn’t subscribe to this sorry attitude after her injury (and to the delighted eyes of many).

Shannon entered the disability world after breaking her neck in a diving accident when she was just 14 (while vacationing with family).

She was injured at the C7 level, but was incredibly lucky and was able to leave the hospital a functioning T2 paraplegic (she had an incomplete injury of course).

Growing up though, Shannon was all about acting and performance art. She loved it. But after her injury (like so many of us do), she thought it would no longer be possible to seriously consider it. But not so fast.

In 1994 and only 4 years after injury, Shannon decided to give modeling a try after seeing an ad in the Sun paper for an upcoming disabled modeling search – Model in a Million. Read this entry