SCI Superstar: Robert Thompkins

There is a beautiful thing happening in San, Diego California right now and it’s not the beaches or the beautiful weather. It’s the good vibes Robert Thompkins is putting out, a paraplegic chairskater who’s sharing his passion for his emerging sport in an amazing way. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Shaun Doss

Whether he is at the skate park, on the court or out on the ice rink, Shaun Doss is at home. Injured before he was 5 years old, this little youngster has big plans to become the next big thing in the wheelchair sports world and he’s already got a great head start.

And don’t let his plans for the future fool you – he is still interested in walking again – and he has undergone procedures throughout the last handful of years to make this a reality; a great combination of looking ahead yet living for today that many see hard to strike a balance with.

But not Shaun! Read this entry