Best of Overseas Wheelchair Tricks

It’s not every day you see someone in a wheelchair rolling down a staircase or spinning on their back wheels as they make their way down a hall, but these skills…oh they exist, and a lot of them come from overseas.

No doubt a product of their environment, people who use manual wheelchairs and live in countries with less-than accessibility have to get creative. No one likes being stuck, and boy do these folks know what to do.

Whether they’re flying over stairs or using monkey-bars in the park, chances are you’ll be in awe. Read this entry

Crazy never-before-seen wheelchair tricks

There are wheelchair tricks, and then there are the wheelchair tricks we dig up at SPINALpedia. We’ve profiled some impressive wheelchair tricks before, big tricks like like Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham’s 50ft wheelchair jump or quirky tricks like Johnny Hollenstein’s huge portraits he paints with his wheels.

And there are always new videos popping up online. We’ve chosen three of our favorite s that either completely blew us away or tickled us pink. Get ready for three big OMG wheelchair-trick moments.

Our first video literally will make you gasp. It shows the only wheelchair-user stunt cheerleader on the planet doing a routine with his team – WheelchairPS (Partner Stunt) – at the USASF Worlds 2012 .

As they perform, you’ll see Rick, the team member in the wheelchair (he has full upper-body movement) do a majority of the lifts. And needless to say, yeah his upper body is HUGE. Read this entry