Never Before Seen Wheelchair Elevators

ference to our lives, transforming us from dependent into independent individuals and it’s been a beautiful thing to witness.

Elevators too have come a mighty long way since they were invented in the late 1800s. They’ve especially become cooler since the dawn of the Computer age, especially when you throw in a healthy dose of American ingenuity. They’ve been so fabulous in fact we had to write this post.

Read on for three unforgettable videos showcasing elevators made specifically for wheelchair-users. Read this entry

Getting Even Smarter: More Ways to Climb Stairs From Your Wheelchair

When it comes to climbing stairs, that’s not really in the vocabulary of someone who uses a wheelchair on a regular basis. Most of us resign ourselves to the first floor and that is that. However there are some people in wheelchairs who are the exact opposite and would never let a puny thing like a step dare get in their way.

I love these people too. They show the world that people in wheelchairs can be quite unexpected. Just because some of us can’t walk, it absolutely doesn’t mean we’re weak.  These very strong individuals include paraplegics and those with minor to moderate spinal bifida and cerebral palsy.

It’s a feat, a work of art, the way some individuals climb stairs without leg movement. Read this entry

The Sochi Winter Olympics haven’t even begun yet and there’s already drama to behold. From not being able to flush toilet paper down the toilets to possible bombs hiding out in the toothpaste tubes, the Olympics are definitely going to be interesting.

This is especially true when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. A country not known as being a bastion for disability friendliness, Russia made sure to amp it up big time to meet the standards of “first world” accessibility. They’ve made a lot of awesome changes in Sochi, and they’ve incorporated people with disabilities into every area of Olympics planning.

Check out three videos below showing how Sochi has gotten ready for wheelchair-users, including wheelchair performers in the opening ceremonies. Read this entry

Dogs Ridin’ On Wheelchairs

Dogs have been man’s best friend ever since some wolves would rather cuddle with us THAN eat us, and this couldn’t be more true for wheelchair-users. We love our fur-babies. They provide us comfort when the rest of the world is being a big fat jerk.

Boy do dogs have an uncanny ability to make us happy. They can be so goofy, so adorable, and be totally clueless of our disabilities, not giving a lick if we’re different.  You can especially see this when they interact directly with our wheelchairs, riding on them whichever way they can. And there are some amazing videos out there showing how cute this can be. Read this entry

Awesomely Homemade: Wheelchair Lift, Standing Frame and more

Let’s face it – being paralyzed is expensive.  But with a little know how and elbow grease, one area where you can save is on expensive (eh-hem overpriced) disability equipment.  I’m talking about standing frames, 4×4 chairs, even in-home wheelchair lifts.

All of these things can be built at home with the right instructions and a little help. Read on to see four awesome how-to’s on creating badly needed disability equipment. Remember, if you try, please do so at your own risk. Read this entry

9/10/10: WTF Friday – Beetlejuice guy dead at 58 from wheelchair fall

If you’re like me, you probably recall Glenn Shadix as that creepy fat guy, aka Otto, from Beetlejuice, the guy with a penchant for sleek black suits and resurrecting dead people. In a crazy WTF news event, especially since no one knew he was using a wheelchair in the first place…