SCI Superstar: Ashley Lyn Olson

When you’re paralyzed at the age of 14, things can go two different ways – you can either use the change to change the world, or you can get angry about how you’ve changed. It’s only two different decisions really, and Ashley Lyn Olson decided to go the high road, and the world of travel has been her target.

Since 2009, she’s been blogging her travel experiences throughout the United States and beyond on her blog – – which is both a website, travel company, blog, social network and one of our favorite aspects – a truly amazing video collection.

Her travel knowledge even scored her an ongoing gig with the Abilities Expo, and she’s now spreading her travel knowledge to people in person; a perfect fit for this dynamic lady.

Read on to see how Ashley Lyn is weaving a more than satisfying life by living out her passions

Much Love for the Ultra Accessible Yosemite National Park

No other National Park comes close to what Yosemite offers, and we have both Teddy Roosevelt and Justin Dart to thank. Amazing nature and accessibility combined. It took a lot of advocating to make Yosemite a reality, and it’s stunning.

And the park offers so much in the way of accessibility. It has several miles of accessible trails, viewing areas and new ADA projects are always starting. You can reconnect with nature in an amazing way here at Yosemite, and they even offer extreme accessible activities on-site.

Enticed? Here are four awesome videos showing why you should put Yosemite on your bucket list if you have a SCI. Read this entry