Podcast 92: Damon Boiser – Mahalo is his middle name

In podcast 92, Tiffiny is joined by Damon Boiser, a lifelong resident of Hawaii, who was injured doing what he loves – surfing – 9 years ago.

They talk about Damon’s interesting (and sometimes tumultuous) journey to recovery on the Big Island (traveling there from Kauai).

And they discuss his discovery and love of three adrenaline-soaring sports that have helped fill the void that surfing left – skydiving, karate and Aikido.

He’s the first person to directly land in their wheelchair after a skydive in fact!

SCI Superstar: John Hockenberry

Current host of NPR’s, The Takeaway, John Hockenberry (paralyzed at the age of 19 while hitchhiking) has become an esteemed journalist despite going on year 36 of being paralyzed.

In the ’90s, he was on the ground in war zones like Iraq & Somalia covering news for ABC and NBC, and he had a MSNBC show, Hockenberry. Learn all about this brilliant man. Read this entry

Hair, hair, hair

Watch a female quad blowdry and style her own hair with zero finger movement.

Also – watch a quad wash his hair in his bathroom sink using a kitchen-style faucet installed in his bathroom and a young guy newly paralyzed, shave his head and beard with finesse. Read this entry

Wheelchairs climbing stairs

Stairs? Pffft…no problemo.

Watch wheelchair-users hoist themselves up and down stairs using the Railing Side Wheel Control method and an overhead bar installed in the home (strong arms and a lightweight wheelchair required).

And check out the RUSSIAN-made power stair-climbing wheelchair, the Observer Maximus! Read this entry