SCI Superstar: Tamara Mena

Stunning right? Tamara Mena, a paraplegic from California, is one of the most positive women you’ll ever meet.

She’s an ambassador for Esko Bionics, the cutting-edge biotech company that creates exoskeletons for people with paralysis, as well as a model and motivational speaker. Read this entry

Finally, a footplate for high heels

OMG a perfect place for high heels on footrests?

My friend Tamara Mena, a paraplegic, has worked with TiLite wheelchairs to create this awesome foot plate made to accomodate high heels. Love it! Women in wheelchairs everywhere have been wanting something like this for years.

The heels can rest off the back of the plate, making it so the ankles stay straight. It’ll be available soon, but the exact date has yet to be released. Check in with TiLite for more info in coming months.

PS. A power chair version needs to be available next!

8/26/11: Podcast #77 – Tamara Mena: Taking beauty to a whole new level

In episode #77 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny has on Tamara Mena, a model and spinal cord injury survivor. Tamara opens up about her injury, losing her boyfriend in the crash, and learning to love again.