SCI Superstar: Chuck Bittner

With the tongue-in-cheek gamer nickname ONLYUSEmeFACE, Chuck Bittner is one of the world’s most impressive gamers. As a C5 quadriplegic, Chuck plays console games using only his face and since 2011, he’s been on a mission to bring universal key remapping to the gaming industry.

In layman’s speak – he wants every console game to allow players to change which keys on a controller control movement for gameplay. He has amassed hundreds of signatures over the years, and he’s still pounding the industry hard.

Also a hilarious self-dubbed “can’t stand up comedian,” Chuck has introduced a whole new world into life with quadriplegia. Here is his awesome story. Read more

SCI Superstar: Meaghan Rose Gallagher

Growing up, all Meaghan Rose Gallagher – a fashionista, comic and actress – dreamt about was becoming an actress. She even made it as far as being called back by Juilliard’s drama division, making herself standout among 400 other hopefuls. But the usual path in hitting the big time was not meant for Meaghan. A spinal cord injury would soon have other plans in store.

After her injury however, she refused to let it take her out of the arena of performing. Restructuring her career and becoming a director and comedian instead, read on for the determined and color-coordinated backstory of the flawless Meghan Rose Gallagher. Read this entry